Ace Braces

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tis the Season...


Christmas in my house has gotten off to a great start... The turkey fitted in the oven this year and Santa was very good to everyone. Even Miesha got a present!

By the look of all the desserts, chocolates and various other yummy things in my house, it looks like my Invisalign might not be worn for the optimal 22 hours today but I think I can make an exception! I was in Ace Braces a few days ago to get attachments put on my teeth. These are small tooth coloured bumps that were put on my teeth to help them to move. For the first day, the new aligners (set 3) felt quite tight and I found it slightly more difficult to take them in and out. It didn't take long to get used to them though.

Again, I must say that the atmosphere in Ace Braces on Friday was so welcoming and everything was explained to me from start to finish. They also had no problem scheduling my next appointment around my college and work commitments. It really makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
The mince pies when I was waiting helped too!!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. I'm on roast vegetable duty today so I better make a start!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Smiles, Style and The Shelbourne

The last time I posted, I was getting dolled up for the science ball with all the beauties in my class. We had a brilliant night, before hitting the books hard for the following couple of weeks. Yet again, I wore my Invisalign for almost the whole night. Obviously, I had to take the aligners out for the meal (and when we were raiding a bowl of jellies at around 3am!!) but the box for them is so discrete that it even fit in my clutch bag!

Can you believe I'm wearing my aligners here?

Chic at the Shelbourne

I handed in my last assignment of the semester last week. There was barely time for celebrations as I was up in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin the following day for an amazing fashion show, in aid of VSO, modelling beautiful fashion from Kilkenny Design. There was huge interest in my smile that day as the make up artist hadn't even noticed I was wearing Invisalign! If she didn't see them, nobody will...



                             I'm asking Santa for this coat!


I'm taking the next few days off to take a wander around the Galway Christmas market and make a start at some shopping. I'm ridiculously excited!