Ace Braces

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tayto Park

I've had yet another busy couple of weeks (just how I like it!!). 2 weeks ago I went to Edinburgh for a weekend, which was a lovely break. We did all the usual touristy things and ate and drank far too much as there was a food festival on! I was popping in and out my Invisalign aligners so often to taste all the different foods that I'm now a total pro! As always I had the box for them in my bag and was able to discretely take them out without anyone noticing. Over the long weekend I went to Tayto Park with my little sister and her friend (I was more excited than they were!). I had never been so I really enjoyed it.

Even Mr. Tayto has Invisalign!!!!

I am wearing my last pair of aligners from this set now. I found this pair tighter than usual for around 3 days but I see it as reassurance that they're moving! I'm going back to Ace Braces next week to check my progress and decide if I will be making anymore refinements. I'm absolutely delighted with the results so far. I don't think my smile could get much better. I'll take a close up picture for you over the next couple of days so you can see the improvement :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Back on the road...

I am now wearing my fifth set of aligners from this set. At this stage, it's just second nature to me to wear them and take them out before meals. I usually carry the box for my aligners around in my bag when I'm on the wards so that when I'm going down for tea or lunch it's so quick to pop them out and put them somewhere safe. I got loads of compliments from some of the nurses yesterday on how clear the aligners are and how straight my teeth are looking now. A couple of them are talking about going to Ace Braces for a free consultation. I'm starting a trend!!

In other news, I'm back on the road again! I got a new car last week and I'm really enjoying being independent again. I'm going to Dublin on Saturday to see the "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" play. I'm not usually one for going to plays but it got excellent reviews so I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Apart from that I've been keeping fairly quiet as I'm trying to rest my back in the evenings after work. Between my super quick recovery, my new job, my new car and my new teeth, though, I just can't stop smiling! :)