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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

The celebrations continued this week as it was my birthday and I also found out I passed my final exams. Best birthday present I could have asked for!

My birthday meal
I also had my appointment with the lovely people in Ace Braces since my last post. I got the attachments taken off my teeth and I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far. Now, there are just a couple more refinements to be made to give me the absolute perfect smile. This will require wearing a couple more sets of Invisalign aligners. I got some more impressions taken and they have been sent off for the last few aligners to be made. In the interim, I am aligner free during the day and I just wear them at night to hold the teeth in place until I get the next aligners. I keep forgetting that I don't have any aligners to take out when I eat and drink now! I had become so used to it.

I am heading off on my travels to Thailand for 3 weeks in 10 days time. I will try to refrain from posting hundreds of holiday photos when I come home!!

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