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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Still Smiling!

I have just had an eventful few weeks to say the least! I started a new part time job in an insurance company but unfortunately this was cut short as I was involved in a car accident on my way to work the week after I started. Luckily, though, I walked away (not literally!!) from the accident relatively uninjured.

I have a few fractures in my spine and a fractured shoulder but they are healing very well and I am starting to get up and about again thank goodness. My poor little car, however, is gone to Dacia heaven! But most importantly I don't have any permanent injuries and all of my lovely new smile is still in tact. All of the nurses in the hospital were intrigued by my Invisalign aligners as they hadn't seen them before. They are definitely a great conversation starter apart from everything else!!! 

Thank you Ace Braces
My new bedroom!!! 
When I was in hospital I received a beautiful orchid from Ace Braces, which was such a lovely surprise.  They have also been more than accommodating in letting me rearrange appointments. I am now wearing my 8th set of aligners. I have 8 more to go after this. To be honest I found it difficult to wear them as much as I should in the hospital as I was totally bed bound and couldn't get up to brush my teeth as much as I usually would. Now that I'm home, though, it's been much easier to put the aligners back in after meals. I am being extremely well looked after here! My parents have put a bed in the sitting room for me so that I don't have to go upstairs! I have watched almost everything on Netflix at this stage so if anybody is looking for recommendations just give me a shout!! 

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