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Thursday, 17 September 2015

New Job :)

I'm delighted to report I am now back on my 2 feet and will have completed my first week of my new job tomorrow. I'm loving the challenge so far and have really settled in already.

Today I put in my 3rd set of aligners, which I will wear for the next week. They feel a little bit tighter now tonight, naturally enough, but by tomorrow I won't even notice them. The girls in the office only noticed I was wearing them today when they saw me take out of the box after lunch. Below is a picture of me heading off to work and wearing my aligners of course! It's like a "first day at school" picture. My Mum insisted!!

According to the pedometer on my phone, I have gone from taking an average of 10 steps a day over the past five weeks to 10000 steps a day now that I'm working! So at only 9pm, it's bedtime for me!

Goodnight all!

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