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Thursday, 9 October 2014

An introduction to me!

12th September 2014

So September is here which, for me, means back to Galway for a new college year, living in a new box room, with a new blog and a diary bursting with plans. I have so many hopes for the year ahead and am very excited to be back in Galway with the girls. By next June I hope to have a degree in speech and language therapy, some money to travel and a brand new smile to come with me! Maybe that’s me being a little optimistic but we’ll see!

I have always been conscious of my teeth in photos. I’m not sure if it is even something that other people notice but when I see a photo of myself, the first thing I notice are those two teeth that are sticking out. My fangs as I call them! As I started doing some part time modeling when I came to college I began seeing more and more photos of myself and my teeth really started to bother me. Below is a picture of me from a photoshoot I did last summer. The only thing I can see in this photo is that left canine tooth!

I never seriously considered getting anything done to correct this until this summer when I heard about a free consultation service in Ace Braces in Tullamore. I thought I might as well go for a consultation as it wouldn’t cost anything to see what my options are.

I went along to Ace Braces and was pleasantly surprised by what they could offer me. Dr. O’Regan and all the nurses were so helpful and seemed genuinely interested in finding something that would best suit my needs at this time. However, the thoughts of getting train tracks at this age didn’t really appeal to me. I didn’t think I could handle a restricted diet along with the stress of a thesis and everything else that comes with final year college (I eat a lot when I’m stressed!!). I could also say goodbye to any modeling jobs for the next six months, which would mean less money to pay for my travels next summer and more importantly to pay for the braces themselves.

However, Dr. O’Regan and his team at Ace Braces told me about Invisalign treatment which seemed like a perfect solution to my problem. I hadn’t heard of it before but from what I’m told you are given clear removable aligners that you change every two weeks and as you change them, your teeth gradually begin to move. I will have to tell you more about the specifics when I get them. What also swung the deal for me was Ace Braces’ 0% interest payment plan. As a full time student there was no way I could pay for this treatment in one lump sum so this will definitely be a big help.

Still, the best part, for me, is that they are almost invisible. I must admit, I am skeptical but I’ll say nothing until I get them in 8 weeks time and you can be the judge! On Monday I am going back to Ace Braces to get impressions taken of my teeth. These will be sent away and, all going well, I should be able to start the Invisalign treatment in around 8 weeks. I’ll keep you posted but for now I have a more pressing issue to deal with: how to make your box room more spacious when there’s a shower in one corner and no room for a desk!

All suggestions greatly appreciated...

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