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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The plan for my Invisalign treatment

So the bank holiday weekend has been and gone but it was a much appreciated break. Since my last post I have been a little busy to say the least! Last week I went from home to Donegal, to Galway, to Dublin, to Carlow, to Naas for some modeling jobs in the space of just over a week, with some college work, placement and an appointment with Ace Braces in between! The modeling and my appointment with the orthodontist were exciting – the assignments not so much! But that’s to be expected…

I went to Ace Braces on Friday to make sure I’m happy with the treatment plan before I begin with my first set of Invisalign aligners in three weeks. I was shown an animation of my teeth now and what they will look like after Invisalign (see below). It looks great! The little white pieces you can see on my teeth will be there to help the aligners grip my teeth. The approximate treatment time is six months, which means I could have my new straight teeth for my graduation photos next June. I’m so excited to get started now. 

This is the animation of the different stages of my Invisalign journey:

I volunteer with Galway Autism Partnership’s youth cafĂ© every Tuesday evening and tonight is our Halloween party so I’m off to put together a costume for myself. I haven’t had time to put as much effort into my costume as other years so I’m wearing a black sack and a witch’s hat like we did back in the good old days!!!

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