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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Getting my Invisalign impressions done

15th September 2014

After a lovely weekend, I went back to Ace Braces today to get my impressions done. I was so excited to get the ball rolling. After all, the sooner I get the aligners, the sooner I get my perfect smile.

This is me before my Invisalign treatment started

Getting the impressions taken was a painless experience. It was done by holding what I would describe as a gumshield of putty on my top teeth for five minutes and then the same on the bottom. The only hard part for me was sitting still and not talking  for five minutes at a time!

I also must say I couldn’t believe how friendly and chatty all the staff were. The atmosphere at Ace Braces definitely isn’t one I would usually associate with a dental clinic! I think this will make the whole experience much easier and all in all I’m feeling very positive. I love meeting nice people!
My next appointment is in five weeks to talk more about my Invisalign treatment, the different options that will be available to me and just to make sure I am happy with everything.

After my visit to Ace Braces I came back up to Galway and my clever Dad has solved the space issue in my room. I’m now the proud owner of a bunk bed at 22 years of age! I’ve posted a picture below. So much more room for activities! The sun is even out now. A trip to Salthill is in order I think.

Life is good...


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